My wife and I contacted Nick after we had seen a newspaper article he was interviewed on.  We were inspired by his personal journey into financial freedom. He replied swiftly and professionally, was personable and made us feel comfortable.  After an initial meeting by phone, we supplied the information that he requested and Nick came back to us promptly with a detailed plan that he then explained in simple terms.  We will be utilising Nick in the future to help steer us on our financial journey and investment strategy.

Richard P (August 2019)

After having a good read of the Your Money Blueprint website, and finding it to be impressive, I contacted Nick to review our finances. It was important to us to have independent, knowledgeable advice - Nick’s story and philosophy on life sat well with us.

We are getting close to the ‘retirement’ phase of our lives and needed some perspective on how we were tracking, what our options were and how to distribute our nest-egg wisely.

Nick did a wonderful job of analysing our situation and provided us with detailed spreadsheet breakdowns of what our financial future would look like under different scenarios. He set up a Budget and Cashflow spreadsheet to capture our fixed and variable expenditure and this will be invaluable in keeping us on track for our savings target. It has been enlightening to see where our money goes and this is a great resource.

Nick was a very prompt communicator - information exchange, feedback and fine-tuning was efficiently carried out via email. A phone call was made once we had digested all the information and this proved to be a good wrap up, with the opportunity to clarify any issues.

We feel empowered after going through this exercise with Nick and his thorough analysis has put us on track. His advice is sound and well-considered around investment options and we have adopted his recommendations. We totally embrace Nick's concept of ‘Financial Independence’ (versus the ‘R’ word) and agree wholeheartedly that FI brings you choices, whatever they may be.

Rachel B (July 2019)

 My wife and I engaged Nick to do a financial review of our situation and make some recommendations on how we manage our money moving forward. We really liked the fact Nick is an independent advisor and could give us an unbiased perspective as opposed to trying to sell us into any particular investment. The process Nick went though was comprehensive and he made a number of recommendations that we have since taken action on and will action more in the future. We believe Nick has delivered incredible value for us as we have made significant savings on investment fees and now have a much simpler, easier and more focused strategy for achieving our financial independence goals that will get us to where we want to be much quicker. Nick was easy to work with and the level of detail he provides in his recommendations is in easy to digest form. We also really valued reading his blogs as they provided us with great learnings and a foundation to set ourselves up for success. We would absolutely recommend Nick's services to anyone serious about reaching financial freedom whether you’re 20 or 60 and make 50k a year or 500k.

Kevin S (April 2019)

I approached Nick because I felt I needed some professional assistance to better manage my finances and future financial goals. He helped me to achieve this through good mentorship, a personal tailored budget for my specific needs and regular follow ups through email and discussions over the telephone.

The result was a change in a lifetime of bad habits into good management of my personal finances. One thing I liked was the non-judgmental approach to my personal situation, and providing me with the tools to change my situation for the better.

I would recommend Nick to people who need to take control of their financial future and plan a better life for themselves and their family. It is not difficult to do, it requires a change in mindset and Nick equips you with the tools to do this.

Jenny T (January 2019)

My wife and I recently decided that we needed to start thinking more seriously about what we were doing with money. We got in touch with Nick as we wanted someone with some experience to help us come up with what he calls a 'money blueprint'.

Working with Nick was really easy. We don't live in Wellington (where he is based) but this wasn't a problem as we communicated through email and phone calls. He got to work really quickly and was always available for any questions we had. He provided us with a thorough outline of what our current financial situation was and what we needed to be doing with our money.

We really liked his philosophy. Rather than being about 'getting rich', he takes a holistic approach which views money in terms of the goals and values you have for life. We're all different in terms of what we want and he takes this into consideration.

He's given us the confidence we need to manage our money better. We'd definitely recommend him.

Greg P (December 2018)

I approached Nick to help me see the wood from the trees when it came to managing my daily accounts and planning for the future. I found the process incredibly useful and have followed up the Action Plan that Nick provided to help make some sensible financial decisions and set some good habits. I shall be calling on Nick for financial ‘health checks’ and advice on a regular basis

Daniel H (October 2018)