Like most 20 somethings I was excited to finally be earning some money after five years of study. I believed that the money was there was to be spent. I deserved it right?

I was the definition of living paycheck to paycheck. Earning enough to pay my bills, with plenty left over for eating out five nights a week, travel, socialising on weekends, and many other of the modern-day trappings.

As I entered my late 20’s I had no savings to my name. I wasn’t even enrolled into a Kiwisaver scheme. In fact, I had a negative net worth thanks to a $25,000 student loan. 

Then in early 2015 at age 34 I damaged my back running. I had to take several months off work, some without pay. 

I was in so much back pain, I couldn’t walk. After a couple of months of no income I was back to little savings again. I started thinking life can’t always be like this. I didn’t want to have to rely on work income until I was 70 years old. Or even worse, disability income. I wanted to live my own life and I now knew that money would be the thing that would help me achieve this.

I started to read books and blogs about early retirement and personal finance. I was gobsmacked at how much material was out there. There was a whole community of people retiring in their 50’s, 40’s, and even 30’s.

I thought I had no choice but to work until standard retirement age, so to find out there is another way was inspiring. I immediately cut back spending and ran some maths. I calculated that with some changes I can retire before I turn 50. The idea of living life on my own terms, whether that is work or not, was very attractive and I built a plan on how to achieve this. A plan that means I will be able to spend less time in an office, and more time with my beautiful wife and daughter, following our passions. I want to be with my family and friends more than I am at work. I want to work on my own business more than I want to help build someone else's. I want to play a game of tennis when I feel like it. I want to travel without worry of not having enough holiday leave.

It is my mission now to help others live life to their fullest and not be held back by all their time spent at work, working for money. I want your money to work for you. Your Money Blueprint has been established as a resource to help more people take control of their money and live a life full of wealth, health and happiness achieved through financial freedom.

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