Financial Independence Blogs

Mr Tako Escapes: A very well written blog by a stay at home father of 2 boys who retired in his late 30's. He is also a handy cook that posts pictures that have me drooling over the computer screen.

Think Save Retire: Steve and his wife retired in their mid 30's to travel the US in their Airstream classic trailer called Charlie. Steve is a veteran of the early retirement community and regularly publishes great content.

Mr Money Mustache:  Pete AKA Mr Money Mustache (MMM) is another well respected veteran. MMM made personal finance cool with his witty and inspirational writings.

JL Collins: Jim started his blog as a resource for his daughter to learn from. Well it turns out that thousands of other people have found his information useful too. Jim's story telling style of writing makes for a easy read. He does not post as regularly now but his website has an archive of fantastic articles. 

Rockstar Finance: The best personal finance articles on the interweb, curated daily. The best of the best and nothing less.

Retire by 40: Like Mr Tako, Joe is also a stay at home father who retired in his late 30's. A very popular blog and for good reason.

Abandoned Cubicle: Cubert is currently on his journey towards financial independence. Join him and his amusing observations as he makes the final descent!

Four Pillar Freedom: Zach is in his early 20's at the early stages of his financial independence journey. He is making great progress and is mature beyond his years. His site is jam packed full of great data and information for those seeking financial freedom. He posts almost on a daily basis!

Budgets are Sexy: J Money is another blogger with a relaxed, story telling writing style. His writing speaks to you as if you are friends from way back. J covers a wide range of personal finance topics.

Our Next Life: Tanja is recently retired. She has a writing style that connects with the readers as she isn't afraid to avoid the hard topics. 

The Retirement Manifesto: Fritz has just retired in his mid 50's. He has a fantastic attitude towards life and his blog content covers a wide range of topics you may have never even thought of considering when it comes to your retirement. 

The Frugal Gene: A so called entitled millenial (if you believe the media) crushing the odds. Her writing is witty and covers a wide range of personal finance topics. Follow Lily on her journey to financial independence.


* These bloggers are all US centric but the lessons can be applied here in NZ. There is a broad mix of men, women, older and younger, kids and no kids to pick your poison. There are so many more great blogs I couldn't possibly name them all, but if you need more recommendations let me know.


Financial Independence podcasts

Your Money Your WealthHosted by Joe and Big Al who have great chemistry and banter. They have a huge library of podcasts on all matters personal finance. A significant amount of material is dedicated to retirement planning.

So MoneyFarnoosh has conversations about money with some of the most well known guests in a Q & A type podcast. 

Choose FIBrad and Jonathan are passionate about financial independence and it shows in their enthusiasm. You can't help be caught up in their discussions.

Your Money: A NZ based podcast hosted by Radio NZ with special guest expert Mary Holm offering loads of great advice specific to kiwis. 



The richest man in Babylon by George S Clason
The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
Your money or your life by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez & Monique Tilford
The millionaire next door by Thomas J Stanley & William D Danko
A random walk down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel
How I found freedom in an unfree world by Harry Browne
The little book of common sense investing by John C Bogle
The four pillars of investing by William J Bernstein
The behavior gap by Carl Richards