With all the spreadsheets, enter your personal data in the purple cells. Returns aren’t easy to predict so my advice is to be conservative, and always enter returns AFTER inflation.

1/. Budget and tracking spreadsheet

Looking to find out where all your money goes or want to track your progress? This is the sheet for you.

The first tab is your current budget. The second tab is tracking - each month enter how much you spent for each variable expense. The third tab is your monthly differentials to see how far off budget you are. The fourth tab is your annual summary. The final tab, if you have entered the correct details in cells A and B 13 to 25 of the ‘budget’ tab, is a pie chart representation of your spending categories. For some spending tips click here.

2/. Debt snowball spreadsheet

Are you in debt and wanting to know how much money you can save by paying off your loans more quickly in order of smallest loan to largest? This is the sheet for you.

3/. Debt avalanche spreadsheet

Just like the debt snowball spreadsheet, except this is paying your debt in order of highest interest to lowest. If you are unsure if the debt snowball or avalanche method of debt repayment is best for you, then this article may help.

4/. Countdown to financial independence

Your own personal countdown clock that will update automatically and tell you how many years/days until you are financially independent according to the 4% rule. To learn more about the 4% rule and financial independence click here.

5/. effect of investment fees on returns

Just a small difference in investment fees can make a large difference in the performance of our investment funds over long periods of time. This spreadsheet will show you just how much of a difference you can save. For more on investment fees click here

6/. Net Worth progress

Tracking my annual net worth progress has really given me great motivation watching the progress. If you are interested in recording progress to your net worth, this is the sheet for you.

7/. STay at home parent or return to work

Are you a new or soon to be parent? Wondering whether you should return to work after maternity leave or to stay at home? This is the financial calculator that will give you your hourly income if you do go back to work. Then you can decide if you it is worthwhile or if you are worth more than that at home.

8/. How much do you need to save each year

Wondering how much you need to save each month or each year to get to a future number? This the calculator for you.

9/. Loan repayment calculator

Want to know how much that loan will cost you? This is the calculator for you.

10/. Investment returns at different rates of return

Wondering what difference different percentage returns can make on your investment returns? Then look no further, this is your calculator.

11/. Mortgage repayment CALCULATOR

Looking to see how much that mortgage will cost you? Or how much of a difference extra repayments will make? This calculator can help.

12/. Your savings goal under different scenarios

One of my favourites. Just enter your savings goal and this calculator will let you know how many years it will take to reach your goal under different rates of rate and annual savings amounts.

13/. Future value calculator

If you save X amount in X years, how much will you end up with? This is your calculator.

14/. Savings needed by age

Want to see if you are on track for your retirement? This calculator will tell you if you are on track, behind, or ahead based on a typical retirement at age 65. Just enter your expected annual retirement expenses and see for yourself whether you need to make some changes.

15/. Should I buy a rental property?

My most comprehensive calculator, and a must see for anyone thinking about buying or keeping a rental property.

16/. Take home pay calculator

Interested to see what your annual, or even hourly pay, is after taxes and ACC work payments? This is the one for you.

17/. Investment returns vs personal contributions

Ever wondered how much of your returns were from your contributions and how much were from the investments? This nifty calculator shows the impact of investing long term and how over time, investment returns increase as a percentage against your own contributions. This is known as the power of compound interest.

18/. How many years to pay off the mortgage

Looking at buying a house or increasing your monthly payments? This calculator will tell you how many years a house will take to pay off at varying house prices, interest rates and monthly payments.

19/. Years to financial independence

Your one stop shop to view how long it will take for you potentially be financially independent under different income and spending scenarios. Again, this calculator uses the 4% rule of retirement.

20/. Cost of car ownership

Interested in the long term cost of owning of owning a car? Or interested in comparing the cost of two different cars? This is the calculator for you. May not be suitable for diesel or electric vehicles.