Breaking news - David Hisco starts GoFundMe page for limousine habit

David Hisco has thanked thousands of donors for coughing up over $400,000 to fund his need to travel in a limousine.

When asked about the crowd funding page, Hisco replied “Limousines aren’t cheap you know?”

Hisco lashed out at reporters when they asked him why he doesn’t travel in more traditional forms of transportation like the rest of society. “You have to be kidding me” he added “As a bank manager I was responsible for loaning billions to everyday New Zealanders. The least I deserve is something back in return”.

Mr Hisco finished the statement by saying “A 3 million dollar a year income is not what it used to be. Times are tough”.

They are indeed Mr Hisco. They are indeed.

Rent prices are linked to income, not house prices

Rent prices are linked to income, not house prices

Previously I’ve written about the hidden costs of home ownership, that housing is not the dream, so called property gurus, and false housing stories. Anyone would think that I am against home ownership.

I am not against home ownership. I am for maths and facts.

So that brings me to today’s short post based on a common misperception of current and wannabe landlords […..]

Where are all the property gurus?

Where are all the property gurus?

When was the last time you read an article about hose prices in New Zealand? My guess is it hasn’t been too recent.

Up until last year there were articles daily. “Record house prices”. “I made $500,000 flipping property”.

Banks, property developers, property investors, and real estate companies were all actively promoting content on our computer screens. Where have they all gone now? It’s been extremely quiet […..]