If you had a garage sale today what would you see?

I used to have so much junk that I barely used. In the past I have splashed out untold amounts of money on things such as fancy golf bags, top of the range bikes, and impressive cell phones.

Why did I buy a pro golf bag when I am lucky if I play once a year? Did I think all of a sudden I would play more often or become as good as the pros?

Why did I buy a top of the range bike (pre injury) when I only bike a few times a year? If I don’t bike much in the first place, a new bike will not change that fact. Maybe initially, but the feeling won’t last.

What was I thinking when I bought the most expensive cell phone money can buy? I only use my phone for calling, texting and the occasional internet browsing. I don’t use apps. I hardly use the camera. When my use is so limited, why did I need the best?

So much wastage.

A garage sale where I get to see all these wasteful expenditures in one place on the footpath would be like the ghosts of purchases past. It would be a pretty scary experience and one that I would rather turn a blind eye to. Then I won’t have to accept all the poor decisions I have made.

Unfortunately, pretending it isn’t there doesn’t change the fact I made these stupid purchases.

If we don’t recognise there is a problem we can’t change our habits.

To get ahead financially we have to be intentional with our spending. Spending on things that mean the most to us. Things that help us to achieve our goals, not hinder them.

Limiting spending is not about scrimping and sacrificing. It is about intentionally choosing the most important things to you and only focusing on that. Everything else and the bang on our buck is greatly reduced. Focus on what is most important to you and you won’t even need a garage sale because you won’t have any junk.



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What wasteful things you would see lined up on the footpath at your garage sale?