Your Money Blueprint has just turned one

One year ago I finally hit the publish button on my thoughts. It was, and still is, my intention to help New Zealanders be better with their money.

As a nation, our savings rate is negative 2%. This is quite frankly shocking, and will never allow us to reach any sort of financial freedom. At these savings rates, we will forever be a slave to our employers, banks, and government. We need to be better.

There is so much more to money than knowledge of finance. There are also behaviours and habits that need to be addressed. That is why my blog offers holistic discussions. Sure, we may know what to do with our money, but actually doing it is the more difficult part.

I initially thought I’d be lucky if just my mum and wife read the blog. And for the first few weeks, there was nothing that made me think any different. I was getting no traffic. But my goal was never to get a lot of traffic. I just write and if I keep writing good content, I figured eventually more may start reading.

So write I did. Over the last year I have written 103 articles. Today marks my 104th, so that makes two articles a week. I don’t have a lot of people in my personal life that are interested in personal finance, so I still have a lot more on my mind.

Although, I am thinking later this year I may drop back to one original article per week, instead of two. The second article of the week would be my selections of my favourite reads on the internet that week to introduce my readers to some new sources of information and websites. With my full time job, side business, volunteering, and 1 year old daughter, twice a week blogging commitment is a challenge. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


My top 5 read articles

1/. Battle of the index funds: New Zealand 50 fund. This is the second article in my 12 part index fund series, comparing the cheapest NZ50 index funds. I think the traffic for this article comes from google as it ranks highly when searching for index funds.

2/. Battle of the index funds: Conclusion. An article that summarises the results of the index fund series.

3/. Look ma I’m famous. I wrote this article in response to a NZ Herald article that featured a snippet of my story on New Years day. I was on the receiving end of several insults, and this is my response. This article got picked up by Rockstar Finance, and I received a lot of traffic with that feature.

4/. When is a dollar not a dollar? Probably my shortest article, but to the point. It’s quite simple in its message, highlighting the importance of investing, inflation, and compound interest.

5/. A sneaky peak into my journey towards financial independence. A raw and honest look at how I got to where I am today.



My favourite 3 articles to write

1/. Owning a house is not the NZ dream. I am not anti housing. I just think there is so much misinformation out there about how housing is the best purchase you can make. I enjoyed writing this piece.

2/. Millennials – stop eating all the avocados. Millennial’s often get a bad rap. I enjoyed taking their side in this article.

3/. I lost my wedding ring.It was nice to write an article where I could turn a negative experience into something positive.


Website statistics 

I am amazed, and appreciative of every reader that comes to my website. I don’t have ads as I don’t want to ruin the reader experience. The only pop up I have is an email sign up where I ask you to sign up to my new article notifications. Occasionally I will send out some bonus material too.

Page views – 69,000

Unique visitors – 18,600

Email subscribers – 210

I saw a large spike in website traffic and email subscribers after my very first podcast appearance, on the NZ Herald cooking the books podcast. I was nervous for the interview, but I’m glad I could get my message out there and hopefully I helped some New Zealander’s learn something new.

52% of my traffic comes directly. That means people know my website and enter the website directly.

20% comes from google and other search engines.

15% from social media such as Facebook and twitter.

13% from referrals or other websites.

76% of readers are from New Zealand.

13% of readers from the United States.

108 countries in total.

Final thoughts

I would continue to write whether I had readers or not. The fact that I have reached these numbers in year one do provide me some nice motivation to keep writing.

Although I don’t get a large amount of comments on my articles, I can see that there are people reading and getting benefit from the website.

Hopefully the next year will see some more interaction in the comments section. So if you are a regular reader who doesn’t comment, it would be great to hear from you. Or even send an email. I’m always happy to hear from a reader.

If there are any particular finance related topics you would like me write about let me know too.

I have been approached by several people who want to pay me to promote their content. I have said no each time as I want to offer as unbiased information as I possibly can. As a reader of my website you deserve this. All I ask is that you share my content to anyone you think is interested or could benefit.

So thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I hope I can continue to offer some value for your time.