The unsolved case of the missing socks

Why is it that over time, socks mysteriously disappear? I’m sure I’m not the only one that experiences this. I now have a collection of single socks divorced from their significant other. They are not in the house, in the washing machine, in the drawers, or outside. They just randomly disappear.

I have two theories on why:

1/. There is a sock thief in the area. This thief doesn’t want any of my other clothes – just my socks. Police are trying to profile the characteristics of someone who would do this. We are on the lookout for someone who wore jandals a lot growing up and is now seeking comfort from socks. The transition from jandals to socks has been a difficult one for this person so that is why they are only stealing one sock. Police suspect their criminal acts to become more brazen over time and they may begin taking a complete pair of socks. This person is mentally unstable and should not be approached.

2/. The washing machine is eating them.


I know, my theories are a tad far-fetched. I can’t think of any other reasons for their disappearance though.

This is just what it felt like with my money before I started tracking my spending. Money would come in, then go out and disappear forever, and I had nothing to show for it. I wasn’t spending up large I thought. Just lots of little things here and there. But sure enough, I would have nothing at the end of the month. Where was it going?

At least this case, not like the socks, had an answer. All that was needed was a review of my bank statements. My money hadn’t been stolen. It was me all along. All those little expenses added to up to a lot and I was absolutely shocked at how much I had been spending on food and entertainment. Instead of me eating the food, it was the food doing all the eating. It was eating all my income. The culprit had been found and as soon as I started to track my money and budget, the culprit (food and entertainment in this case) was apprehended and bought under control.

Now, back to the unresolved case of the missing socks. I may have to start tracking them too. Is it me all along?



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Do you have the same problem with your socks? And what expenses have a habit of adding up in your budget, eating at your income?  Comment below