Plans change

Just a quick thought exercise for today to get the juices flowing.

If you look back in time 5 years, is where you are today what you pictured?

I ask because mine is not even close.


5 years ago I was:

  • Willing to work at a job I didn’t enjoy until I was 65

  • Single

  • Struggling with a large mortgage

  • Living in a highly desirable suburb

  • Fit and healthy

  • No other plans


Now I am:

  • Planning to have enough to retire by age 50 if I want

  • Married with a child

  • In a much smaller house with no mortgage

  • Badly injured back, recovering from surgery

  • Started my own business

  • An authorised financial adviser

  • A volunteer budget adviser


So much has changed in the last five years for me (not all for the better). Most of it has been good change though. So don’t be too upset if you don’t always meet your goals. Our medium to long term goals often change before we reach them anyway. Five years ago I could have never accurately predicted where I am today. My predictions were not even close! I am glad they were off, as I have outperformed all expectations. It is just a different set of results than expected though.

All we need to do is set our navigation system to the direction we want and make changes accordingly. Life rarely happens in a straight path so we must remain flexible and make the most of any new opportunities.

In another five years I predict:

  • I’ll no longer be an employee

  • I’ll be a full time business owner helping people with their finances

  • Still happily married with maybe another addition

  • Living in the same house

  • Back to full fitness

It will be interesting to see how far off my predictions will be in another five years. Hopefully there are great new things yet to happen that aren’t even on the list. I do know though, that if a great opportunity comes up I won’t be afraid to change path and take it.



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